Playoff Predictions

I’m hoping to write a Clippers-Grizzlies playoff preview tomorrow morning.  The bottom line is that I’m terrified of Memphis — especially their ability to neutralize CP3 with Tony Allen — but I think the Clips take them out in 6 or 7 games if Paul is healthy.

Here are my predictions for the rest of the playoffs:


-Spurs over Jazz in 5; Clips over Grizzlies in 6; Thunder over Mavs in 7; Lakers over Denver in 4

-Spurs over Clips in 5; Lakers over Thunder in 7

-Lakers over Spurs in 6


-Bulls over Sixers in 5; Celtics over Hawks in 6; Heat over Knicks in 7; Pacers over Magic in 5

-Celtics over Bulls in 7; Heat over Pacers in 5

-Heat over Celtics in 5

FINALS: Heat over Lakers in 6.



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One response to “Playoff Predictions

  1. criminy.

    lakers????? as always, i root for everyone playing against the oklahoma shitty blunder.

    also there is definitely no such thing as karma. rose/shumpert out w/ acl tears, and durant hits game winner. FML.


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